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A mildly, but not entirely, unpleasant task that must be done in order to do other things.
Guy One: Hey, dude. Did you get with Kirsten this weekend?

Guy Two: Yeah, but not right away. I had to take her out to dinner first.

Guy One: Oh, well that's just a mehcessity.
by James Gage November 16, 2008
Somewhere between hate and neutrality, usually towards a person.
Daniel: Mabel is a bitch. She's never been nice to me!

James: Mabel can be a bitch. I'm pretty hateral towards her 'cause there have been times when she's given me money... but regularly she is just a bitch.

Daniel: I just straight up hate her, dude. None of your urbandictionary bullshit.
by James Gage January 01, 2009
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