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A high school in the town of Mansfield, Massachusetts. Filled with a bunch of rats that think they are good at sports when in reality they all suck eachothers dicks in the locker room and by dicks i mean chodes.
I go to Mansfield High School and have a rather repulsive chode.
#mansfield #hornets #gay #massachusetts #mans
by James Frother October 09, 2012
The act of eating out a sluts pussy as she shits her brains out into the toilet. The male or female must make sure they keep licking the sluts pussy until she is competely done pooping.
Andrew: Hey dude how'd your night go last night?

Johnny: Not too bad i gave some chick a blumpqueen!

Andrew: Damn dude im obsessed with chicks poop.
#poop #slut #eat #blumpkin #whore
by James Frother November 05, 2012
When a son or daughter wakes up on christmas morning excited for presents and runs into their parents room, only to find their father pooping on their mothers chest and making the families golden retriever lick the feces off.
Walking in on a Charlie Brown Christmas is still better than being a jew.
#christmas #poop #fun #gross #upset
by James Frother November 05, 2012
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