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a great show that has been "Americanized" by the most vile group EVER...the FCC!! censoring out the blood, gore and foul images and/or language made it worse..but it was still a good show
Gohan...you must bounce the spirit bomb back at Vegeta!
by James F Lowe June 01, 2004
a male ass..particularly used to engage sex with if your gay (i.e Eminem and Dr.Dre)
Eminem takes it in the manhole with Dr.Dre
by James F Lowe June 01, 2004
A term for "penis" that nerds use on video game forums when they think that themselves or other have bigger weiners
I have a big E-ween..but his E-ween is bigger
by James F Lowe June 01, 2004
An 80's band who weren't that popular back then..but seem to be a bad-ass music group who seemed to get its popularity because their song "I ran" was in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
And I ran...I ran so far away...I couldnt get away!
by James F Lowe June 01, 2004

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