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ebk comes from brotha lynch's song rest in piss, and probably something before that... it means every body killa, meaning kill any one, but most people think it means eastside blood killa, or every blood killa, but really it has nothing to do with gangbangin at all
its ebk everyday all day till the day i die, im creepin thru yo set with a mini mac 10 a.r. 15...
by James DuBeau March 03, 2005
another slang term for crystal meth. because of the greasy form it takes when you melt it down in a pipe, light bulb, whatever you use...
smoking grease, or, getting greasy (getting high on crystal) me and sarah got greasy as fuck last night im still spun
by James DuBeau March 03, 2005
methamphetamine (crystal meth) is sometimes called twist. getting high on meth is getting "twisted"
i had a half gram last night i got twisted as hell
by James DuBeau March 03, 2005
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