2 definitions by James Delaware

masturbating while taking a dump, or at least in the same sitting. The term was derived during a conversation held among friends, on what the proper term for a solo blumpkin would be. One said "a Jenkin?" and another said "a drop and pop!" and a third suggested combining the two. Following this came the idea of a ROCK BOTTOM - pick a hand
Thank you very much. See you in twenty minutes, I'll be taking a Jenkin Drop'n'pop
by James Delaware November 09, 2010
after a jenkin drop'n'pop, taking your handful of semen, and picking up a piece of poop in the other hand, then with both hands behind your back, approaching someone and telling them to pick a hand. Placing the chosen item in his/her hand, and slapping them in the face with the other. Not to be performed on friends.
A man was murdered this weekend after performing a ROCK BOTTOM - pick a hand.
by James Delaware November 09, 2010

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