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What I eat my Trix cereal with.
Guy1: Trix is the best
Guy2: What the fuck, why are you shoving your face in your bowl?
Guy1: Thats how you eat it...
Guy2: Yo nigga try this shit, it's called a spoon
Guy1: Damn, kickass
by James Darkness July 06, 2009
Fluffy, is a type of a very slutty cat that spends most its days sleeping on-top of printers and whoreing herself off. These types of cats are very endangered, due to their retardedness.
Guy1: Dude my cat is always all over my friends
Guy2: Really?
Guy1: Yea, they even throw her across the room but she always comes back
Guy2: You must have a Fluffy
Guy1: Fuck
Blake: Wait, what movie?
by James Darkness July 06, 2009

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