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A fantastic euphemism for masturbation.
I see you've caught me chiding my drummer. Could you please shut the door now?
by James Cernero March 25, 2005
An extreme indulgence in online blogging.
Do not get drunk off wine, which leads to debloggery.

You heartless son of a bitch! Your incessant debloggery will lead to the termination of our AOL account!
by James Cernero March 25, 2005
The state of being retarded, or a general moron. See also "Fucktard."
Your retarditry is really starting to grate on my nerves.

Let the retarditry begin!

Bobby's amazing display of retarditry snagged him the gold at the Special Olympics. He's going to Hawaii. Yay.
by James Cernero March 25, 2005
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