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Fieen (F-EE-N)

1. Someone with Red hair.
2. Someone who gets made fun of alot.
3. Someone Named Sean in some cases.
1. Yo check that Fieen out over there.
2. YO FIEEN go fill ma glass up.
3. Hello, can the Fieen come outside and play today?
by James Bandervault September 23, 2006
1. Short for tha pharse, What Would Eric Boesh Do
2. Slang nickname for someone who trys to act tough but is
really a wimp.
1. yo man dont do that remember WWEBD
2. yo song check that WWEBD out rite there, damn fool thinkgs hes tough
by James Bandervault September 22, 2006
1. Name used for a friends Girlfriend
2. ugly
1. Yo did u see mike's Smelly melly today?
She looked mad busted
by James Bandervault September 22, 2006

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