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A nickname for Aaron. The 2nd derivative of Aaron

Aaron -> Avoon -> voon -> vooni -> voonicash -> voonicashmooni
Bob: Hey vooni what are you doing?
Aaron: ya mum
by James 'bevtron' May 18, 2008
Origionly to participate or engage in video game of any nature for an extended period of time.

Can however be used to make fun of someone for been very skilled at something.
1. He 'beved' halo 3 on the xbox360 all night.
2. John is the biggest 'bev' he always plays WoW (see world of warcraft)
3. Jane is the biggest bev at running.
4. Check that 'bevtron' in ebgames (game store).
by James 'bevtron' May 18, 2008
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