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3 definitions by James "moonDoggie" Hollifield

Yet another rank in the world of Team Frozen Monkey. This is a rank given to a n00b that has mad heart and has been excepted in the team... good, but not qualified to be MoonKat... yet.
Let's bring that skater into the team. He got mad skills and heart. Rank him AlienMoon.
by James "MoonDoggie" Hollifield November 25, 2003
A less valued rank than MoonDoggie but still up there. (2nd place kinda thing)
Yo! home boy got some pretty awesome skills. Time to promote... He's got skills but not enough to rank too high. Let's rank him MoonKat.
by James "MoonDoggie" Hollifield November 25, 2003
A very valued rank in the world of skateboarding.
Dude our boy got skills, we should up his rank to MoonDoggie. (most be accepted to Team Frozen Monkey befor anyone is eligible)
by James "moonDoggie" Hollifield November 06, 2003