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The absolute best game of all time. Better than Monopoly, Sorry, or any other shitty game you could come up with. Could replace the Old Testament with little to no effort.
The maid spilled a hot cup of (shit) all over my freshly pressed (snake bite). I had to go to work the next day wearing a (hardwood floor)!

Your wife? I don't (dick thrust) your wife.

There are no beds, we have to sleep in (Mortal Kombat III game cartriges) or rickety (son of a bitches).
by James "Stardust" Bond May 06, 2005
1. The German word for "over".

2. Word used by douchebags typically to describe something in one of thier anime cartoons or mindless online games.
1. Hitler belived himself to be the ubermeinch.

2.Douche: Did you see when Chinpokodytskyo took off her shirt on the battlefield while fighting Yu-Gi-Oh?
That was uber awesome!

Guy: You are an uber dick.
by James "Stardust" Bond May 03, 2005
1.(derived from weblogger) A person who writes in a series of journal entries on the internet.

2. Someone who has been made so stupid by things such as anime and 133t that they actually think someone wants to read about how they have nothing better than to write about themselves.
Blogger Son of a Bitch:...dude...wanna read my blog?

Normal Guy: I'm strongly considering killing you.
by James "Stardust" Bond May 02, 2005
1.The Japanese(although originally French)term for animation.

2.Shitty waste of time.

3.Something worse than cancer.
Guy: Hey asshole, do you own a lot of anime comic books?
Asshole: Of course!

"He used to have a life, and people used to like him, but then he got into anime, and it's only a matter of time before his penis becomes a vestigial organ."

Girl: Oh hell, I have breast cancer.
Guy: At least you don't like anime.
Girl: Thank God.
by James "Stardust" Bond April 29, 2005
1. Literature written about/inspired by movies/games/tv shows/etc by fans of that particular subject matter.

2. Stupid stories written by fanboys/fangirls and general idiots (see 133t douche and blogger.) Often not worth reading.
FanFiction Asshole: Hey, have you read my new story in which two of the characters from the shitty anime show I always watch have sex?

Normal Guy: Never talk to me again.
by James "Stardust" Bond May 02, 2005

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