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576 definitions by James

Something one says to an individual enthralled in harrisment.*
*the definition of harrisment can be found on this site.
Origin: mid-urban south-eastern scandinavian
When Viktor, while playing cs, ran into the terrorist base holding a grenade and then proceeded to throw it at a wall directly in front of him, Josh yelled, "Moar?"
by James January 28, 2005
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Black Man's Wheels.
Overrated cars that are no better than a Vectra/Mondeo/etc, but have "brand cachet" (i.e. gullible fools are prepared to pay a lot more to get the same thing, but with a nicer badge).
The interiors are horrible. Claustrophobic (come up very high at the front) and in a really nasty grey/blue plastic.
Often driven by accountants, sales reps and estate agents, which says it all...
BMW dealers treat their customers like scum and have their hands in their customers' pockets at every opportunity.
Don't even touch the X3 or X5 SUVs for towing a horsebox. You would be better off getting the horse to tow the car out of a wet field of grass!
Idiot: I have a brand new BMW 325i.
Me: When will you have paid for this toy?
Idiot: Ehhh, about 10 years after I die.
Me: Enjoy...
by James September 13, 2006
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