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A mastrubation technique in which you perform a hand-over-hand manuever on your penis as if you are squeezing out an endless tube of toothpaste. IT NEVER ENDS!!!!!!!!
Omg the endless vagina rox my sox!!
by James Taylor Stretch November 03, 2006
exclamation. to be yelled aloud in periods of silence, or whispered in peoples ears.
can also be used in place of the word, "word", as in correct or totally, but weirder.
"Hey did you hear about that kid that died?" ..........*awkward silence*......"fogiggly!"
by james taylor stretch November 09, 2006
the special places that, when poked, make you go "heeheehee"
also the glands that make you laugh
usually located on the sides, under the arms
"aaaahhhaahahahahahaahahaha!! my fogiggly glands!!1~!"
by james taylor stretch November 09, 2006
A mythical creature that consists entirely of hair. If you keep pulling the hair out, eventually it will be gone. Has two eyes. This is the only defining feature of the fuzzbump, aside from its awkward sideways shuffle. they can be any number of natural hair colors, usually brown. i don't know why i'm describing it, because you'll never see one. this way if you have a dream about a furry creature, you won't be afraid and you'll know it's just a harmless little fuzzbump.
Whats that ball of fur moving across the floor?!? ZOMG ITS A FUZZBUMP!!~! how cute!
by james taylor stretch November 08, 2006
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