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4 definitions by Jame

The first name of the legendary internet radio talkshow host. "The Jiggy Jaguar".
"On the air the Jiggy Jaguar Show..Jiggyjaguar.com..."
by Jame May 26, 2004
2 28
An insult. Another word for idiot;The partner of Frick
Shut up, Frick and Frack.

by Jame July 11, 2003
21 114
An amazing boy. a GOD
Man I wish I could have Jame.
by Jame June 26, 2004
37 163
An amazing boy OR girl. A god OR goddess
Hey, theres Jame!
Jame, wanna go to the mall?
by Jame January 07, 2005
26 159