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4 definitions by Jambo Schlarbeard

Derogatory term for the popular (among pedophiles and teeny boppers) website Myspace.com
If had a gayspace account, I'd be just as gay as you, you fuckin' gay.
by Jambo Schlarbeard July 11, 2006
A slang word for semen, playing off of seminal fluid looking white and pasty, like mayonaise.
That "ho" just swallowed all my man-o-naise.
by Jambo Schlarbeard July 11, 2006
Creative slang term for semen. Refers to the idea that a penis sneezes semen.
My pants were full of fucksnot after she gave me a handjob in the movie theatre.
by Jambo Schlarbeard July 11, 2006
Yet another term for seminal fluid, semen, or cum.
Babe, if you keep sucking my dick, I think I'm going to shoot my testicular expectorant in your mouth.
by Jambo Schlarbeard July 12, 2006