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a burn to the fingers or any other part of the body after hot ash has fallen from a joint on to the area in question
Ouch, careful when youre passing.. you just gave me a blim!
by jambo April 25, 2004
A small goat
What's that there?

Looks like a goat...

But smaller...

That's a goaton
by jambo January 25, 2004
To appreciate something to the point of orgasm sensation
The Matrix's special effects gave me a newbiegasm.
by jambo November 08, 2003
to mess up, make a mistake
damn it, I've squangled it again
by jambo January 25, 2004
Finnish superstar World of Warcraft player. Played also QWTF in superstar clan like Legioona.
Puup taas aamuleivällä.
by Jambo April 14, 2005
(not to be confused with 'wannabe pikeys' or 'clinger-on pikeys' who in live perfectly nice areas but just want to be cool).Pikeys are People who either live in council houses, or in areas where the houses now look like council houses because by them living there it now seems like they are(no offense if u liv in a council house, i know some perfectly nice peopl who liv in them). they also usually wear those parka coats with fur all round the hood to school because they think it makes them look hard. Out of school all pikeys wear lots of addidas,nike,schott,clothing etc. Most pikeys also smoke (in and out of school),also in school they also just randomly walk into people and say "u startin" and in some cases proceed to punch the person, but due to the state of the british school system nothing is done about this. another sign that someone is a pikey is if they just ramdomly spit at cars(because they relize they'll never own one), people(because they're subhuman and dont like things different to them and who have an IQ over 90)and they often spit on the ground for no reason. Pikeys also always jell their hair aand sometimes bleach it blonde. NOTE:u must be all or at least 60% of these things to be a pikey
If you're a pikey you wont want to admit it, but in the back of youre mind you know
by jambo December 03, 2003
the opposite of purple
thats so not purple its jambo!
by jambo November 08, 2003

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