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1. To be rich with money, fine women, nice cars and jewelry, usually obtained through sports, entertainment or the drug trade. ex. "Juice came through the block caked up, stuntin' in a new whip!"
2. In a woman, to be large bosommed, with thick thighs and a plump bottom. ex. "Cheryl got caked up over the summer. You see her ass and thighs?"
by Jamal Jones September 25, 2006
A loose woman. Sexually easy. A smut in the plural form.
I waited after the club let out to try and catch me a smiggedy.
by Jamal Jones June 09, 2006
Any person , place, or thing deemed unsatisfactory, sub-par, or not meeting a certain standard.
1. We murdered that team, they was poop.

2. Don't cop from him no more, he sellin' poop.
by Jamal Jones June 09, 2006

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