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A male that sleeps with a women after snatching her from a social situation to her own bedroom... the male proceeds to leave the females humble abode for a victory escape home while she remains in a sexually satisfied sleep.

1. The male has had to perform cunnilingus for more then ten minutes with the female.
2. The male has had to have sex with the female after cunnilingus and completely satisfied her sexual need for the evening.

If you ______ then you are not a cunt burglar.
1. are a female
2. are a pre-mature ejaculator
3. wake up the female while trying to leave
4. exchange phone numbers (at any given time)
5. repeat desired victim(s)
Bro Man: Dude, where where you last night, man? You totally missed Chappelle Show Marathon?

His Bro: Awwh, dude., I was a total cunt burglar, whoa wee!
by Jamal Crableux September 10, 2009

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