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Someone who eats bees would be apivorous. It actually has very limited usage, but you never know when and where the time will come to say it.
I'm a great talker, and I know lots of words, like apivorous.
by Jamal Cake March 26, 2008
A game played by two or more players. Whilst walking and/or driving, swimming, flying, riding a bicycle, etc. whenever a ninja (an muslim lady wearing religious headwear, technically called a peepscarf, that only shows her face and/or eyes) is spotted, you must hit another player on the arm and/or leg, crotch, nose and/or head whilst exclaiming as loudly as possible the words 'Ninja Bash!' Also known as postboxing.
Mate, have you got my.... NINJA BASH!... golf clubs?
by Jamal Cake October 17, 2007
Worcester term of endearment for the uneducated. Equivalent of babe.
"Alright babber! How was the job centre?"
by Jamal Cake January 10, 2010
A general umbrella term for someone who is of an uncertain but probably southern European descent I.e. from Spain, Portugal, Italy or Greece.
A: Check that girl out, where's she from?
B: can't tell but definitely a spig
A: yeah I think I'm in love with her moustache
by Jamal Cake September 22, 2014
A game for two or more players.
When you are walking, driving, flying, swimming and/or riding a bicycle and you see a postbox (an muslim woman wearing religious headwear only revealing facial features, technically called a peepscarf), you must hit your opponent on the arm and/or leg, chest, back and/or crotch before they do the same. Fouls count as a free punch at you by all of your opponents. Fouls include:
Wrongly identifying a postbox
Striking for a postbox that has already been counted
The game is basically the same as Ninja Bash.
Person A: "I hear he's a racist"
Person B: "Just because he likes Postboxing?"
by Jamal Cake April 30, 2009
A lazy form of musician who is too poor to afford a drum set and believes that "beats" are one of a number of components of a song along with words and tune. Beatboxers are a dangerous animal to argue with as generally they lack the vocabulary to retort verbally or to otherwise effectively communicate, hence their preference for pre-linguistic means of interaction. Beatboxers therefore favour violence over verbal confrontation although typically lack physical development to be truly threatening therefore making an encounter just inconvenient and unpleasant for all involved.
A: I wouldn't go down that road.
B: Oh why not?
A: There's a beatboxer. First he'll ask you for money for the bus while he makes noises, then when you tell him his art form isn't real he'll shout monosyllabic words and become aggressive. You'll break his nose for sure and get arrested. It's not worth your time.
B: Wow, thanks for the warning.
by Jamal Cake June 29, 2014
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