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Starting to tell a story, then realizing it has no point or punchline and the only way to save it is to add "and then I found five dollars."
John: A man told me to have a nice day.
Mark: That's it?
John: Yep!
Mark: ... wow, that's a five dollar story.
by Jamaica G April 13, 2008
A drinking game that combines the chaos of flip cup and the focus of beer pong. Involves two teams, each team shoots for beer pong cups, but for each cup hit a game of flip cup ensues to decide whether the beer pong cup is pulled or not.

Team members rotate so that everyone gets a chance to shoot. Works best with 6-8 people. Invented by the PowerHouse.
We played a sick game of flip-pong the other night.
by Jamaica G April 13, 2008
noun, someone who is "douche-tastic" or a general douchebag.
John ate the sandwich I was saving to have for lunch. He's such a douchetast.

Lisa's such an annoying douchetast.
by Jamaica G September 27, 2006
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