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It is a vague description of saying you understand a situation now or u get it, sometimes sarcastically. Basically it means you started to be aware of your surroundings especially people. In a 1 word answer it would be called realizing!
For example: Jon: I promise you I will do you that favour tonight. The next day Jon makes excuses and lies etc and breaks his promise. You also find out later he is sly, two faced etc."I see how it is"

For example you started to see things even more clearly and work out in advance what the bullshit kind of people are planning."I see how it is"

For example you dont say anything but a relationship for someone who you been therefore when times get hard they disappear such as fairweather friends."I see how it is"

or just in general whenever sarcastically or in a situation where u feel like you have have either let down or u clocked on and they think u dont know anything. "I see how it is"

etc etc
by JamJones August 14, 2012

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