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a term coined by Jonathan Jokerst that is used to describe a person who is experiencing qualities that are feminine like a dildo, yet idiotic and ridiculous as ones portrayed by a douche; thus morphing the person into the phrase "dildouche".
"Did you see Roger last night? He was being such a dildouche!"

"The way you hang out with girls all the time and have a shitty personality leaves me to the conclusion that you must be a dildouche."
by Jam Master Joke August 13, 2009
a term coined by Jonathan Jokerst that references the male anatomy in a way that expresses it being so big and long that it touches the water in the toilet while sitting down.
"dude did you see Jimmy in the shower after practice?! holy hell i didn't know he had one of them toilet water touchers!"

"Katie can't really sit down today, she said she was with a dude last night that had one of them toilet water touchers."
by Jam Master Joke August 14, 2009
a term coined by Jonathan Jokerst that is used to describe a person being a douche in a colossal and stupendous manner and moving them from just douche, to "dino douche".
"I can't believe how douchey Ricky was being last night! What a dino douche!

"You are the biggest douche i know, in fact, you are a dino douche."
by Jam Master Joke August 13, 2009
A term used to describe an area that appears to be very sketchy and dangerous. Or, a place where upon entering, feelings of fright and nervousness come immediately into play.
1.) "Dude, we're so lost. I don't know how you kept looking at the map and managed to get us into this scary town. There's no lights on in this whole place and everything looks haunted. We're smack dab in the middle of shady acres."

2.) "I can't believe we're driving through the heart of the ghetto right now. This place is straight up shady acres."
by Jam Master Joke October 25, 2009
an extremely tall mexican person.
a.) "Dude, did you see that new kid from Mexico? Felipe?"

"Yeah man, that kid is a friggin beanstalk for sure."

b.) "You wanna watch the highlights of the Mexican basketball team?"

"Sure. Are they all beanstalks or what?"

c.) "So I was watching The Longest Yard today ... that one dude was a total beanstalk."
by Jam Master Joke May 02, 2010
A term used to describe a version of the female species who is in no conceivable way willing to interact in sexual activity. No matter how hard you try, she will not give it up.
1.) "Dude! I'm totally gonna hook up with that Tammy chick tonight!"
"No way man, she's a virgin Mormon. There is no way you're getting past that force field. That's mission: impussable."

2.) "Man, i totally thought i was going to score with this drunk chick last night, but she would not put out. She was being so impussable."
by Jam Master Joke October 25, 2009
The shorter and condensed version of expressing how you "like, love and want some more of" something. It references the song performed by Tim McGraw called "I Like It, I Love It", in which he repeats the phrase in each chorus, "I like it, i love it, i want some more of it".
1.) "Dude did you like the new episode last night?"
"Dude... I totally McGraw'd it man!"

2.) "Mmm! This casserole is amazing! I McGraw this feast so much!"

3.) "I'm not just in love with my girlfriend, I McGraw her."
by Jam Master Joke October 30, 2009

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