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n. (1) During the 80's and 90's, boo-yaa was popular urban slang for a shotgun, or the sound a shotgun makes when fired. Similar to bada-bing
(2) Due to the popularity of gang culture in urban areas, the shotgun imitation sound was embraced by urban culture and often used to the point where it came to mean other things, such as "Hell yeah!" "Right on!" "In yer face!" or simply "Yeaahh!"
(3)In the late 90's and early 00's, boo-yaa was embraced by mainstream white culture, and the shotgun meaning was completely dropped and forgotten. In the mainstream white culture, boo-yaa simply became a yell of exuberance or joy.
(4) The Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E are an experimental Los Angeles gangsta/alternative rap group. They named themselves after the urban slang word for a shotgun or the sound a shotgun makes when fired.
(1) The cat pulled out his gat, and boo-yaa! the other nigga was dead. Then he dropped his boo-yaa and ran like fuck.
(2)Boo-yaa, sucka, you got knocked straight out!
(3)Boo-yaa! Yaaay!! I won the game!
(4)The Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E are one sick rap group.
by Jam Master J October 25, 2005
(n) (1) a popular type of rap music that features bubblegum beats and fake rappers sometimes singing alongside female singers such as J-Lo or Ashanti.
(2)hip-hop songs that reach the top 40, are incredibly overplayed, and are made by manufactured, fake rappers
Nelly, Ja Rule, Petey Pablo, NORE, and sometimes 50 Cent and Eminem produce crappy hip-pop
by Jam Master J April 18, 2005
n. the blonde whiteboy playa from Saved By The Bell. That dude was crazy!
v. I guess it means a type of 80's guitar solo, according to the cat above me. Either or random term, or derived from the fact the Saved by the Bell was around in the 80s and early 90's
I don't feel like putting no example down
by Jam Master J April 14, 2005
(n) (1) The shorted version of "paesano." Italian for "countryman", but can also be used to mean friend, brother, buddy, homeboy, or dawg among Italians. "Paesan" is actually the correct spelling, while "paisan" is the misspelled Americanized version.
(2)RARE: an Italian. When used to mean "Italian", paesan is usually friendly and non-offensive, but can be insulting if it is said in a contemptuous or patronizing way.
(1) Hey, paesan, wanna come cruising with us?
(2) Get yer greasy guinea ass outta here,"PAESAN"! We don't like your kind around these parts!
by Jam Master J October 31, 2005
The illest shoe ever made. So simple yet so sick. I wore these shoes all my life. They were first made in the 1950's and have been worn since then by all types of people, including gangsta rappers, rockstars, b-ballers, skaters, and people who just like to chill. Now, due to faux pop-punkers like Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, and Green Day, they have become increasingly popular with trendy poser chicks. Some geeky goth kids wear em too. But thanks to rappers such as the Game they are being reclaimed by blacks, the group that really rocked them in the first place. I don't really care what clique wears them, I'm gonna keep wearing them forever. I just hope the females don't completely take over the shoe and make it a feminine shoe to wear like they did the Adidas superstar. Oh well. They still rock, and always will.
Oh, and only posers buy the lame low top chucks. High tops all the way, baby!
Uh, yeah, I said everything I wanted.
by Jam Master J April 26, 2005
(n) 1. A song by Parliament/Funkadelic. The chorus was sampled in a popular Snoop Dogg song.
2. One incredibly funky cat.
1. AAAAtomic doggg!! Bow-wow yo yippy yo yippy yaay!
2. Jared is an atomic dog, for sure.
by Jam Master J October 17, 2005
(1) a word that really does exist, and the dude that said it didn't was incredibly wrong. He also needs to kick "Billy William's" ass or whoever the hell says paesano in the south, because I can tell that Billy Williams is not Italian at all and is a southern wannabe that should come to the Italian part of the Bronx or South Philly sometime to get his ass kicked.
Paesano is a real word, assholes. You live in the fuckin south and have no idea what you are talking about.
by Jam Master J April 15, 2005

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