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2 definitions by Jalilalalalalal

An act of expressing surprise, angst or amusement, without using God's name in vain, whilst also utilising the name "Jonas" from the Jonas Brothers, a popular band in America
Laura - Hey, did you see that dress yesterday from Saks, wasn't it gorgeous
Ashley - Oh my Jonas, i know, it was a really good colour as well
by Jalilalalalalal May 12, 2008
28 16
If your technically good-looking, clever and like tequilas, this is basically a substitute for "goodbye"
Sarah : Bye Sweetums, i must depart, see you tomorrow, for that luncheon
Laura : Chow Ding Sweet Thing, oh and wear that paisley-patterned dress!
by Jalilalalalalal May 13, 2008
6 2