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A competition where you exchange stupid tweets/facebook status updates with your buddies. Gayest tweet wins.
Dude, you wanna have a Gay Tweet-Off? Okay! A Hooters girl I know said, "Just look at me as the Barbie you'll never get to play with." Okay my turn. My emo/dyke friend says, "Purple in my hair. Feel like me again."
by JakersMcBakers June 13, 2011
A pass-happy, metro-sexual quarterback
Friend: Tom Brady Brady is a freaking Gunslinger! Me: I think you mean a Gayslinger.
by JakersMcBakers September 22, 2011
A goth girl who is an occasional lesbian
Do you remember those black lipstick lesbians from high school who thought they were witches?
by JakersMcBakers June 18, 2012

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