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When you light up a doobie on some chicks untammed wilderness, take a few hits, then douse the inferno with your man milk.
Charles: I almost set off a three alarm fire at my apartment last night giving this chick a jamaican brushfire.
William: In what way do you get sexual gradification from that?
Charles: Fuck you William!
by Jakee B April 27, 2008
When you go to drop a dooce, but you find yourself constipated and must proceed to shamefully exit the shithouse unrelieved. A rare occurence since the invention of laxatives.
Doug: Last night I ate that whole box of Cheerios and this morning I totally pulled an Elvis Presley.
Tom: I knew something was up. The bathroom was unusually stank free this afternoon.
by Jakee B April 26, 2008

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