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A land were cars are in front yards rusting away, next to chicken coops and burning barrels. All the men chew here and all the females are either prego or very over weigtht. Polk county is known for its hicks, copenhagen, coors, and softball. Unity High is the best school within the county, not Luck or anyother one. If your a redneck, your from Polk County Wi.
1. Lets party, only place we can is down in Polk county.
2. He wears cut off sleeves, must be from Polk county.
3. He looks redneck, must represent the 715 in Polk county.
4. There is no Gangsters in Polk county.
by JakeThomas22692 March 16, 2010
A native american that is attracted to men.
1. dude your mizz.
2. Hey Mizz
3. Look at that Mizz over there, must be from Polk county.
by JakeThomas22692 March 15, 2010
To Fuck someone so hard that the female scratches your back till you bleed.
Man she Puma Fucked me so hard, I bled for two hours.
by jakeThomas22692 March 15, 2010

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