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52 definitions by JakeStar

Fluffy rock for college girls.
Federal law requires every female student between the ages of 18 and 21 to own at least two (2) Guster albums, and include one (1) Guster quote in their facebook profile.
by JakeStar April 05, 2005
27 134
A contraction of mad awkward. Can be used as an interjection in situations that are very awkward
'Mom walked in on me right before I was about to get laid"

by JakeStar November 28, 2005
41 176
A "card" which is "played" on one's birthday so the birthday boy or girl can get his or her way.
Blake didn't want to go out clubbing, but Erica played the birthday card and she felt obligated to go.
by Jakestar January 20, 2006
4498 6696