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A board game they sell at Starbucks. Best played with a group of friends while drunk.
Good thing triple sec wipes slides off the Cranium board so easily!
by JakeStar September 11, 2006
The least preferred, but most often utilized, mode of transportation for city dwellers, kids without their lisences, college freshmen, and other carless people.
"Shit, how we gonna get to the packie?"

"Looks like we gotta take the ol' Heel-Toe Express"
by JakeStar November 03, 2005
A security guard. Derived from 5-0, slang term for a cop. Security guards carry about half the credibility and authority as a regular cop, hence the 2.5.

See also rent-a-cop, mall security.
"Bobby and I were throwing mustard off of the balcony, then some 2.5-0 come by and threatens to calls the cops. Lame"
by JakeStar November 03, 2005
Its like Americana, only Canadian.
God bless the United, er, I mean, Canada!
by JakeStar May 08, 2005
A phrase in which "big men" from Texas (see George W. Bush) will use in defense of their state.

Little do they know that it was a slogan coined in the 1960s by Ladybird Johnson in a highway beautificatoin campaign. So when you hear some macho cowboy say this, what they mean is "Please dont litter in my state."
I'll mess with Texas all I want! I just won't defenestrate my garbage.
by JakeStar April 21, 2005
When yelled, clears out a crowded theatre in a huury.
Which Amendment gives us the right to yell "Fire!" in a crowded movie theatre?
by JakeStar April 05, 2005
In a word: Hardcore
Contra III kicks so much ass that it is not suitable for women and children.
by JakeStar April 04, 2005

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