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Something that is done sloppily, half-assed, or in an amateaur manner.
My mom forgot the pickles and mayo on my sammich! What is this, amateur hour?
by JakeStar August 08, 2005
A case consisting of 30 Beers
I'm gonna pick us up a few 30 racks and some boxes of wine and we'll have ourselves a nice ripper!
by JakeStar April 06, 2005
The Clinton Administration.

Bill Clinton's sexual escapades between the two Bush Administrations.
Sex Between the Bushes was a prosperous time...no Cold War, no War on Terror, and a booming economy and technological industry..
by JakeStar February 17, 2006
Talented actress most famous for her roles in the Quinten Tarintino's Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill series.

She resembles a classy, pretty, Paris Hilton.
Not only is she a better actress than Paris Hilton, shes way hotter.
by JakeStar April 28, 2005
People who live adjacent to you.

They may live next door, down the road, on the other side of the wall, on top of you, or below you.

They can be nice, rude, outgoing, shy, or cool. They may bake plates of browines or cookies for you. They may have sex a lot. They may blast shitty music at unreasonable hours. You may hang out with them a lot. You may never see them.

Weather you love them or hate them, you had better learn to live with them, because they live so close to you, after all.
Make sure that your neighbor isnt a serial murderer/rapist.
by JakeStar April 28, 2005
Home field of the Boston Red Sox. Its tiny, anicent, and smells of beer and urine, but Sox fans wouldn't have it any other way.
Fenway Park is famous for the Green Monster
by JakeStar July 16, 2005
The most efficient way to download porn from the internet
Waahoo! Me and my right hand love broadband!
by JakeStar April 25, 2005
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