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To be so tired that it would seem to others that you are, in a sense, high. Most commonly happens late at night, and symptoms include random bursts of laughter and well, other stuff people do when there high.
Jacob-hehehehe look at that door, its so, white and beautiful.
John-ya jacob, u a little night high or what?
by JakeC August 16, 2007
To act gay or homo with your friends, but in a joking way.Commonly used when you and your friends are drunk or tired.
Jacob-Dude, you are looking damn sexy tonight.
John-Hey a little too hommierotic for me dude.
by JakeC July 22, 2007
The "drug" that leads to becoming "night high", or when your so tired that everything becomes funny, as if you had smoked something and became high.
dude 1-hehehe thats window, its soo funny.
dude 2-nah dude it aint funny, you just been smoking the q
by JakeC August 16, 2007

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