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EA skate 2. Taken place 5 years after Skate It (for wii) is in a completely rebuilt city. Spots like the projects, San Van Mountain, the waterfront, and more. New tricks such as no comply, boneless, footplant, fastplant, invert, etc. were added. You can also get off your board. They added a new feature called "Grab the World" where you can move anything that isn't either a) to heavy or b) bolted to the floor. So benches, tables, ramps, rails etc. are movable. Lucas Puig, Eric Koston, Danny Way, Rob Dyrdek, Mike Carrol, and Correy Webster are confirmed. Estimated release date is December 15. Date is subject to change.
EA Skate. 2 will be THE best.
by JakeBlue August 30, 2008
A game created by Electronic Arts. One of the best sports games created. The feel and outlook of skateboarding was definitely changed when you play this game. It's based all on physics. Skate is reality plus 10. EA Skate. dominated Tony Hawk's Proving ground with a sale ratio of 2:1. Skate uses a fight night type control using the analog sticks. A sequel has been confirmed.
Dude! I used to stay up all day and night playing EA Skate. I am also a survivor from the demo days.
by JakeBlue August 30, 2008
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