1 definition by Jake the mosher and proud

a mosher are genrelly nice people,wont start a fight on you,the only people they hate are chavs(an ya blame em?)moshers listen to really most types of rock music,metal,punk,thrash like slipknot,slayer,black sabbath etc and for the fuckin chavs who hate moshers,WHY?why do you hate us so much fuckin chav scum
true story!

mosher 1:dude you got metallicas death magnetic?
mosher 2:yea,its awsome

chav 1:hey mosher go home ya fucking wanker and stop listening to that emo goth shit!and listen to fuckin reel music like darren styles scooter

mosher 1(me):why dont you go fuckin die ya little chavvy scum if you wanna come ere(i dont uselly fight people but ive been beaten and bruised by chavs)

chav 1:alrite den faggot boy come ere

mosher 3 4 and 5 comes around(mates)

mosher 3:lets help him beat up this chavy twat

mosher 2 3 4 and 5 beat up chav and leave him unconcueos with a possible snapped wirst

im only 12 and my mates are 11 14 14 and 15 and chav looked 17!

dont mess with moshers chavs cos we will get you!!!
by Jake the mosher and proud September 15, 2008

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