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5 definitions by Jake White

where you've had a really bad day and feel really grumpy.
normally you take it out on friends by shouting at them or blaming them.
some like to cry.
somebody just shat on my mums grave. this has been such a shitday.
or the dog ate my homework than shat it out on my pillow. this is going to be a shitday i can tell.
by Jake White February 05, 2008
Entertaining someone for the ulterior motive of gaining information of some sort from them.
Mary is suspicious that her best friends husband is cheating so she invites him over alone with the hope of 'infotaining'.
Mary: Fancy some wine?
George: Yes please!
Mary: Here you go. I'll just go - are you having an affair?
George: What?
Mary: What?
by Jake White October 01, 2008
Someone who makes lots of money from creating an innovative website or other internet based money making scheme.
That guy was such an interpeneur, starting that website where you buy a pixel for advertising space. Again, what an interpeneur.
by Jake White September 04, 2008
You Had To Be Thee To Find It Funny
Frank: "Mary spilled her coffee all over George's lap and the way it made his trousers sink down showed how tiny his pecker was."

Julie: "..."

Frank: "yhtbttfif"
by Jake White May 31, 2008
When a show you're watching is so good it's the equivalent of your mind masturbating. A mind jack. (From the verb 'to jack off)
I don't know how Ugly Betty and Lost manage it, but every week when I'm watching...It's just a mind jack.
by Jake White August 05, 2009