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3 definitions by Jake Taylor

The action of one creating a non-desired reality for one's self and affiliates.
You just ran over my little sister's cat. Nice dipshitification.
by Jake Taylor March 19, 2004
14 2
If there is money floating around and nobody claims it, the state takes it.
I dropped a dollar and the state escheatmented it from me. Damn the man!
by Jake Taylor November 11, 2004
1 1
1) A naive woman who, in her youth, was a brown-nosing obsessively organized girl with no other positive influence in her life aside from her teachers, who gradually matured around the actions of teachers and henceforth was too passive or familiar with the education system to persue a career more rewarding and lucrative.

2) Currently the destruction of an evolved generation who could have led the world to enlightenment but is held down by traditional values and lack of motivation.

3) A person who applied for a college professor position but was told to start from the bottom and work up.
Highschool, the destruction of a generation, is being held up only by the committed and biased women of the world.
by Jake Taylor March 25, 2004
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