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4 definitions by Jake T. Williamson

One who is well known for consistently mooching food from his or her classmates, either in the cafeteria or at random, snack-friendly hours of the school day.

He or she also thrives on devouring leftovers, especially right before someone is about to throw away their crumbs.
Josh: Christ man.. Jimmy is such a fuckin' grade A Class Scavenger. Sometimes he eats more of my Totino Pizza Rolls than I do!!

Matt: Tell me about it man...
by Jake T. Williamson June 03, 2009
11 0
A brain-lapse disorder that can develop after extreme exposure to one or more videogames, in which the victim involuntarily recalls a game instance.
Jeremy: Man, during our family road trip the other day I couldn't help but notice what a great level the city of Chicago would make for Tony Hawk's Underground.

July: Sounds like Gamer's Syndrome to me...

Percy: I failed my test the other day because I came across a long word and couldn't help but play a game of Jumble with it. I think I have Gamer's Syndrome...
by Jake T. Williamson June 03, 2009
14 3
One who is either

1. A newb to the porn game


2. Poor and clueless

and settles for / beats their meat to porn trailers instead of searching for free high quality porn or subscribing (with a membership) to a paying website.
Josh: Man did you guys see that new bang bros trailer clip with Gianna?

Ted: Wow Josh.. trailers? seriously? Get out of here you trailer trash.
by Jake T. Williamson June 03, 2009
11 27
A bunch of self-absorbed retards

The worst class to ever attempt to graduate
The class of 2010 is so fucked up man. They started drinking their first year of high school!
by Jake T. Williamson June 03, 2009
33 73