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A typical white surferdude, skaterdude. In a recent Mcdonald's commercial, a white surfer uttered the question "per nugget?" when he was told the very low price of chicken mcnuggets, as if he was surprised at the low price. His voice was very constipated as if he had just smoked marijuana. He had an inflection in his voice, a very typical white surfer manner...aggravating at best. Thus, a typical white boy is a per-nugget.
1. Look at that fuckin' per-nugget...his board shorts are so low I can see his asshole when he bends over...disgusting per- nugget!

2. Can you believe that per-nugget at that frat party? He thought his curly mop hair was to die for...Which per-nugget? that Frat party was full of per-nuggets.
by Jake T III April 14, 2007
A person with no humor,someone with predictable humor which seems to have been taken straight out of a movie he just saw...a box, square, tool.
-If you are reading this and do not quite understand what I am talking about, you are most likely a tool-box.

-that guy just called me gross for farting in public...Ya, he sure is a tool-box.

-The guy at the party ran around all night yelling "fuck me beautiful" because he just saw American Pie on DVD and thought it would be funny to say that all night to pretty girls just like Stiffler...He is clearly a fucking tool-box.
by Jake T III April 14, 2007
-Someone who is disdainful, very easy to hate, for various personality faults.
-A terd sucker is much worse than someone who eats shit because a terd sucker slowly consumes feces, giving him more time to be disdainful. In addition, sucking a terd is much more grotesque and disdainful than eating shit. Thus someone who eats shit might be a terd sucker but not necessarily, but a terd sucker is always at the very least someone who eats shit...a shiteater.
1. Can you believe that guy tried to stick his fist up my anus. I really hate him for that. He is such a terd sucker.

2. Watch out, look who just walked in to the party, Terd Sucker Supreme...the top terd sucker at this university...I really fuckin' hate that butt-fuck.
by Jake T III April 14, 2007

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