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1.)a word meaning hi, hello, wats up
2.)a word replacing your
3.)the urband way(or gagsta way) of saying hello
1.)kid 1:yo
kid 2:hey, not much u?
2.)yo mamma is so fat…
gangsta 2:yo homes wat u been doin i havent seen u round the way.
1.)A word that describes something, (bagin=subsitute for great, awsome,amazing) meaning the thing is the best or overly great the word was mostly use in the 1998-2003 era)
1.)Kid 1:I just got a new phone! I have 5,000 minittes now!
Kid 2:Thats bangin!
someone that only eats fruit(no animals vegitabls or animal byproducts) They eat the fruit and then use the seads 2 regrow more fruit 2 eat
hippies usaly would b type of ppl that r fruitarians
1.)type of music, a croos between goth punk scremo
2.)type of lifestyle or label
1.)My Chemical Romance, The Used, Fall Out Boy, Matchbook Romance, the Cure
2.)Emo people or emos are basicly wana b goths, the usaly consist of guys tht have tight pants tight shirts Vans shoes, black hair over the eyes. Also consist of girls tht drees just like the guys but have about a million "sex braclets"
The myth of emos cuting there wrist is fake. Most emos have emotional problems from being spoiled or just being dark and deprest
1.)type of music. like deathe metal but no beat
2.)type of underground myspace music
1.)I miss the beat in grind core
2.)I kan make grind core music all u need is music soft ware

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