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One of the U.S.'s most afluent counties which is located in Southwestern Connecticut bordering westchester county, across the long Island Sound it borders on Long Island. It contains many wealthy people including the Sachs from Goldman Sachs, Gene Wilder, Martha Stewart, and the list is extremely long. It contains Bridgeport which is where all the minorities live and has actually improved financially over the past few years as has norwalk. Contrary to popular belief Stamford IS ALSO a very wealthy city except for its southern district. Stamford cotains area code 06903 which borders Bedford and Pound Ridge NY, Greenwich, and New Canaan. This area code is the most afluent in the area.
You only wish you could live in Fairfield County.
by Jake S June 03, 2005
An Online Facial is a virtual cumshot. A guy cums on a girl's printout. Process: A guy must, with permission, select a beautiful or sexy photo and print it out and masturbate and cum on the printed pic. Then he must take a digital picture of the result or even take a video of the event and email or somehow message the girl with this record so that she can also masturbate to it.
my girlfriend is going to be in another state for a while, so i will cyber with her and give her online facials because we are unable to have oral sex and a real cumshot.
by Jake S October 01, 2007

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