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2 definitions by Jake Rukusman

a person who felt that skateboarding didnt look like a big enough challenge, so they took up a sport where they could go higher, faster, longer, bigger, and just all around more dangerous than any skateboarder ever will.

quick question, what skateboarder ever grinded a stair rail with over 15 kinks, or one that went approx. 666 feet long.

answer: no one, but chris farmer grinded (top soul) the kink, and chris haffey grinded the handicap (frontside)
All fruitbooters are also badass.
by Jake Rukusman April 07, 2004
One Who Causes Rukus, In a Fashion Such That They Could Care Less About What The Fuzz Has To Say
Joe pissed in that guys face, then took a dump in his mouth.. what a badass.
by Jake Rukusman April 07, 2004