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Taboo slang for vaginal discharge.
"I got a mouthful of her cunt custard."
"She came so hard that she was spraying cunt custard everywhere."
"What did her cunt custard smell/taste like?"
by Jake Reed February 28, 2006
A slow, painful, masochistic method of suicide consisting of extreme self-mutilation to ones genitals in order to die through blood loss.
"Cause of death: Genital Suicide"
"Thomas commited genital suicide."
"Chris attempted genital suicide, but was saved by paramedics."
by Jake Reed February 28, 2006
A biracial person, "half-cast" "mixed race"
This term comes from a type of fast food popular in Britain, comprising of both chicken and lamb donner meats in a pitta bread with salad and some sauce if you're feeling a bit cheeky.
"Darren is from Afghanistan, Sharon is from Essex. They're little baby boy, Baron, is something of a Mixed Kebab."
by Jake Reed June 20, 2006
Slang term for the Perineum (area between the male genitals and anus). Similar to Gooch, Grundle and Choad. First used by Jonathan Blostone and Jake Reed, this phrase refers to Robin Williams' role in the motion picture Patch Adams. Williams' performance is scatty and confusing, and no one can really tell whether he intends for it to be comedic or dramatic. It's niether here nor there; niether dick nor ass.
'Williams' is used primarily in the South of England.
"He's got a cracking williams."
"Weren't you nominated for itchiest williams?"
"I got a bullet in the old williams?"
"Did you hear they did that partial williams transplant in France?
"I just sniffed his williams."
"Apparently he's got a 16 inch williams."
by Jake Reed December 11, 2005

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