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The bank wouldn't let me deposit a check without my Id or account info when I was in the drive thru.
FUCK the banK! FUCK this motherfuckin place. I hate this shit, i'm gon' drive off with the money capsule. This place pisses me off. FUCK the bank, let's GO!
#bank #nazi #asshole #clitflick #stew
by Jake O September 25, 2006
Naked Bed Game. More than 2 people all take their shirts off an lay in a bed together, anticipating someone to come into the room.
Hey Tori, and Jermayne! let's play the NBG against ShaPrika.
What is that?
Us 3 will all lay in a bed together with our shirts off, making us look naked.
#naked #bed #game #nbg #nude
by Jake O July 02, 2007
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