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3 definitions by Jake Neale

Basically, Yeg means yes.
It originated through the mis-prenounciation of yes.
"Do you have any fags?"
"Yeg, here in my pocket"
by Jake Neale April 06, 2005
18 25
Bonn derives from the word 'bint'. It became 'Bonn' when some people pronounced the 'i' in bint like an 'o'. it has since then evolved into BONN.

(it is also the last name of Terri Bonn)
Some random : 'Look at this! I can jump off this and live!'

*he falls, breaking his legs*

Me : 'Oh, you really are a Bonn'
by Jake Neale February 23, 2005
15 24
Leafy describes a person who shoves the odd wintery dry leaf down his penis (This does happen!) Often, the person who makes this act is riddled with pain, blood, and serious ridiculement.
An example would possibly be someone who lives near a woodland or forest.
by Jake Neale April 07, 2005
6 28