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Id just like say to im white and not even from america, but i was readin through this and just thinkin how many idiotic stupid racist white people there are.. YO STFU!

Yeah i might listen to rock, and others but i love rap the most because unlike what most of u bullshitters say, it actually has some of the most meaning.

And that guy who said em is a white fuck... wtf man.. get a grip.. why does rap hafta because a racial issue. Half of the blacks in America have accepted Em so why dont you?

Listen to some decent rap and stay away from mosta the gangsta bull if ya dont like it !

Peace Out an
Stop the gay-ass racism

Rap: Listen to 2pacs songs, eg. changes. , listen to Eminem, Mobb Deep, jay-z, digital underground, just listen!
by Jake Mannin May 13, 2006

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