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in Halo, the action of throwing multiple grenades in a situation whereas a player would die anyway, usually shouted at either B-Lance's or Uribe's house.
B-Lance: OH SHI- I've been stuck!
Uribe: You know what that means!
Both(in unison): CHUCK SOME NADES!!!!!
Jake John: wtfidiedlol
by Jake John January 20, 2008
1. a man who has been taken apart and resutured to resemble or be used as a bong.

2. a man who has consumed copious amounts of cannabis product.
1. "hey man, check my new piece, i call it the manbong!"
"holy shit, let's smoke a bowl!"

2. "oh, wow, i'm so high..."
"dude, you smoked so much, you're like a mufuckin' manbong."
by Jake John January 20, 2008

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