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Comes from the American Southwest slang phrase "to break bad," meaning to challenge conventions, to defy authority and to skirt the edges of the law.
"What, you just decided to break bad one day?"
by Jake Jawesome September 27, 2011
Someone who's room/area you are invading. You are generally afraid of this person and you call them this name to give the appearance that you are brave.
by Jake Jawesome February 20, 2011
A suggestively homosexual game created by Charlie Kelly from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The game consists of people crawling around in the night on the floor of a dark room together like worms in sleeping bags, one would assume.

The game has been played by Charlie Kelly for years according to an old friend "Schmitty", who also suggests it be taken up a notch with the implementation of blankets, “They could be the dirt!” Frank enthuses. “Or a force field,” Schmitty suggests. Charlie dislikes the idea saying it is an “imagination-based game".
Why do we never play night crawlers anymore, HUH?!?
by Jake Jawesome June 29, 2011
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