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a spice, or herb or something.

a type of tea.
"Chamomile motha fucka!!"

- The Incredibads (www.thelonelyisland.com)
by Jake Jarmel July 09, 2004
the spot where you order frozen treats, and they rip your heart apart.
in the song:TheHeist by Incredibad at www.thelonelyisland.com

Chamomile motha fucka!!
by Jake Jarmel July 08, 2004
Conversation glosser-over.

See also; yada yada

Mostly used as a substitue to sexual descriptions, it can also serve to shorten or skip over parts of conversations. It allows the listener to fill in the blanks themselves with their imagination.

The phrase was used recently as a lyric in an Urban Hip-Hop Song; "Holidae In".

Chingy: "One thing leadin to anotha, let the party begin!"
"Well, me and my girlfriend were watching a movie, and..... one thing led to another and now I've got child support for triplets"
by Jake Jarmel August 17, 2004
Meat is another word for a man's member. so the meat sock, is the sock for your member. a meat sock is a condom.
i hit her in the face with some baby batter in a meat sock.
by Jake Jarmel May 21, 2004
phrase used by "hip" gym and history teachers. "excuses are like asses"... if the coach is particularly bright, he will finish the phrase: "excuses are like asses, everyones got one and they all stink"
"But coach - i have a good reason!!"

"excuses are like asses billy... like asses!"
by Jake Jarmel May 21, 2004
the new "off the hook"

heard first on MTV
won't last long.
that rap is off the Chain!!
by jake jarmel November 02, 2004
russian word meaning "quick death"
rupert murdoch
by Jake Jarmel May 25, 2004

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