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The world's youngest pro-skater who has a pro shoe, who became pro at age 13. Ryan Sheckler was born in San Clemente, California (Where I live =P), a city in the southernmost part of Orange County.

This kid is also a complete asshole, faggot, and pussy. He bitches about having a hard, stressful life when he has what he needs to live without working anymore at all. 95% Everyone at my school (San Clemente High School) hates him. No one in the world knows who he really is, yet half of all girls in the world want to marry him. The example below is true.
"Dude, Ryan Sheckler got in a fight today"

"It wasn't really a fight, he got punched in the face, then ran home crying"
by Jake Groeschel May 15, 2008

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