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depositing your fecal matter in the tank of an adversary or foe.
That guy Jimmy threw a party last week. He tried to kick me out, so I upper decked his ass. Then I wiped some shit in his bedspread. I hate that jerk, but he straight got shitowned!
by Jake Fischer March 03, 2005
The insertion of multiple fingers into a womans body, plus the rubbing of the clitoris. Also reffered to as Two in the pink, one in the stink, and one to command the clit.
I gave some random bitch the shocker last night, she said noone commanded her clit like that before. SCORE!
by Jake Fischer April 22, 2005
A poorly made American vehicle. When you can't afford a ford, and can not see the power of Hemi. You would even be better off in a Toyota.
dummy: Dude check out my new Chevy
dude: So you sprouted some Chevrolegs.
dummy: what?
dude: well, it's just that you bought a piece of crap, with a bowtie.
by Jake Fischer May 13, 2005

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