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A Trick Ass Skiz-Ank is the absolute skiz-ankiest of all the skiz-anks. No normal skank can stand up to the awesome power that is the Trick Ass Skiz-Ank. In the hoe-underworld the Trick Ass Skiz-Ank is more of a super hero. No trick ass bitches, sluts or even ordinary Skiz-Anks can go toe2toe with this mega slut. The Trick Ass Skiz-Ank is the true epitome of all that is skank, the essence of a true bitch, and the ugliest damn thing you will ever set eyes on!
"Holy shit dude, that Trick Ass Skiz-Ank is coming this way, whadda we do!?"

"Dude settle down, it's not a Trick Ass Skiz-Ank, it's only Godzilla."

"Oh shit man, for a second there I was worried"
by Jake Andrews February 24, 2005
Smackeldorffed is a term stolen from a popular childrens television series and used to describe someone who is completely and utterly drunk, to the point of complete belligerence and sometimes to the extent of violence.
Matt:"Dude, you are smackeldorffed off your ass right now"
Jake:"Go oT hElL aDn BuRn tHerE FocKer"
by Jake Andrews February 22, 2005
Commonly used as an insult, the term Skiz-Ank is a translated form of the word Skank into reverse ebonics. A Skiz-Ank is a generally gross/nasty-ass bitch that can be found in the slums of any respectable ghetto. Skiz-Anks are easily spotted by their crazy-ass afro-ish hair weave, and their unwashed/stained apparel. Also Skiz-Anks should be avoided at all cost, due to their violent tendencies.
"yo, nigga check out that Skiz-Ank with the rat in her hair"

"Yeah bro I wouldn't touch that dirty Skiz-Ank with any of my numberous extremities"
by Jake Andrews February 22, 2005
A geometric term used to describe a polygon of an ass-like resemblance. Also used for a description of anything resembling a polygon of an ass-like resemblance.
"Hey that bald guy has a rather asstangular head"

"Dude, that is his ass...you ASS!"
by Jake Andrews March 17, 2005
Rhinocotopolis was an anchient aborigine civilization discovered by the late great Rigel Rhinochoptapher the 18th century african archeologist in search of the lost treasure of Biotuken, the philosopher/treasure hunter extrodinare who is said to have burried his treasure in the deepest darkest caverns of the african plateaus. On his many journeys to the plains of Africa Rigel always seemed to come up empty handed, so he then decided to search the plateaus where the treasure was actually said to have been burried. Any way, on his way to the plateaus from the plains of Africa he discovered a tiny aborigine village. And it would seem that there was something amiss about this village, all of the aborigine's were albino. Though they carried out their day's as any normal aborigine would (Playing loud rap music, and shooting at each other) their skin color was not that of the average aborigine. Intrigued by this Rigel brought in outsiders to come and inspect the behavior of this seeming untouched anchient civilization. He brought in experts such as reverand jessie jaction, and dave chappelle to inspect the ways of these albino niggers, I mean aborigines. They preformed numberous experiments involving fried chicken and grape soda, all of which proving positive for aborigine, reguardless of skin color. "well they definately arn't white" said Rigel " and they definately arn't niggers" and so Rigel thought to himself "by jove I'll call them Wiggers" and thus the term wigger was born. White trash all over the world would come to mourn this time, the time that Rhinocotoplois was discovered. And now Rhinocotopolis is used whenever referring a bit of white trash back to his homeland.
"Yo dawg, I'm gonna bitch slap you back to Rhinocotopolis"

"Hell yeah B, why don't we join our aborigine brothers in rhinocotopolis"
by Jake Andrews February 24, 2005
Maki is a term used when refering to bodily excretions of solid waste. Previously used in regards to activities taking place in the bathroom, this term has spread far beyond the reaches of the porcelain throne. Maki is anyone, anybody, anything, and everything that is "shitty". Maki is often used as a verb with the core word Mack.
"Where ya going Tony?"
"I'm headin' to the bathroom, where I then plan to Mack out hard core"

also used in extension words such as:
by Jake Andrews March 17, 2005

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